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Spinach Persimmon Salad

Posted by Mica (2)
Category: Salads


Recipe Details:

(serves 12-14)

1/4-cup rice vinegar
2 Tbsp. orange marmalade (thick cut)
1 tsp. Asian sesame oil
salt and pepper
5 quarts baby spinach leaves (1 1/4 lb.) rinsed
3 firm Fuyu persimmons (5 oz. each), peeled and sliced into thin wedges, or pears sliced in wedges, or about 12-15 kumquats.
3/4 cup glazed pecans (see below)

In large bowl, mix vinegar, marmalade, and sesame oil. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add spinach, persimmons, and pecans. Mix gently

(I've used pears and added dried cranberries, which was very tasty also)

Glazed Pecan Halves

2 cups pecan halves
1/3 cup light corn syrup
Vegetable cooking spray

Combine pecan halves and corn syrup in a small bowl, stirring with a spatula to coat pecans. Line a pan with parchment paper or foil. Coat with cooking spray. Arrange pecan halves in an even layer on the pan.
Bake at 350 for 12 minutes. Stir using a rubber spatula. Bake 8 more minutes. Remove from oven and stir. Arrange in an even layer on wax paper and let cool completely.

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