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Gavin's Green Curry Chicken

Posted by ssemple74 (71)
Category: Main Courses
Subcategory: chicken, curry, thai


Recipe Details:

1 lb skinned, boneless breasts of chicken cut into pieces
vegetable or grapeseed oil for frying (about 1-2 TB)
3 TB Thai Green Curry Paste
14 oz can of coconut milk
3 TB of Fish Sauce
1 fresh red chili- deseeded and chopped
1 fresh green chili (or jalapeno)- deseeded and chopped
3 TB of brown sugar (I replace this with splenda...I use one packet)
3 Big Green Zucchini Squash, sliced
Good handful of fresh green beans
Good handful of fresh basil leaves

Heat oil in a large wok or pan and stir in green curry paste. Cook for 30 seconds and toss in chicken. Stir-fry the chicken and the zucchini with the paste for five mins.

Add coconut milk, fish sauce, chilis, sugar and green beans. Stir well and cook 5-7 mins. Add basil leaves as last step and cook until wilted (1-2 mins). I sometimes sprinkle fresh cilantro on the top.

Serve over rice.

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