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Kent's Stiff Martini

Posted by kent (4)
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Recipe Details:


2 ounces (shots) of vodka or gin
1 drop of vermouth
4 ice cubes
2 green olives


Mix first 3 ingredients in a shaker. Shake for 2 minutes until ice has partially melted. Pour martini into chilled glass. Place green olives on a toothpick and place in glass.

If you don't have a shaker and you end up stirring the martini's, add about a half ounce of cold water to simulate the melting ice cubes.

You have to use the good stuff otherwise you won't be a happy camper. For vodka, you can't go wrong with Kettle One or Grey Goose. My favorite is Stoli.

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Comments on this recipe

kevink said:
I can attest that it's strong, smooth and good. Surprising class, given its inventor.

reeniek said:
Which type of vodka would you recommend for it? Grey Goose?