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Kozi's Proscuitto, Bleu Cheese, Mango bites

Posted by daniellemcfadden (3)
Category: Appetizers


Recipe Details:

Bleu Cheese
mango or figs
white truffle olive oil

Get a good baguette and cut into slices. Drizzle each piece with truffle oil, then top with a nice blue cheese (one that can somewhat spread or spoon on - not just crumbles), some mango (can also substitute figs), and a slice of proscuitto (nice and lean). Top with a drizzle of honey... yummy....

Although I haven't tried it toasted-I would guess that drizzling a little of the truffle olive oile and toasting the baguette before adding the toppings would also be delich or even toasting the whole thing.

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reeniek said:
Yum, I substituted persimmons for mango and served them for appetizers for Thanksgiving and they were delicious!